Pick 'n' Mix Modules

Course Contents

Each module will cover a set subject in detail.  Bite size modules are created so you can pick and choose which areas you want to focus on and improve.



This all depends on the course, some may require a qualification and some may not, this will all be fully explained in the product descriptions.


Kit List

As they're mainly skill building courses you should have everything you need in your salon, but all courses will have full kit lists available to view BEFORE purchase.


Course Format

Here’s the best bit, they’re all ONLINE!

You pick the subject and then learn in the comfort of your own home or salon, at your own time.

They’re also fully interactive, you can comment, ask public (and private) questions, and the modules will forever be growing, as every question asked (on the module subject) will be either fully explained in a reply, OR a new video added to the exclusive content for you to view!

All students can send progress videos/images to me for feedback, and if you’re working on practice hands or tips, you can send them in for advice too.

It’s online coaching at your fingertips.


Course Access

Once verification is checked (if required) then you can ask to join the Facebook group for the module, once you've joined the group you can then access all the videos, see all previous comments and interact.


Course Contents

May be updated from time to time and changed, there will always be a minimum of one video for very course module.


Time Limit

All course content is available for a minimum of 1 year from date of purchase.